A newbie Question

Steelen rtems at btamail.net.cn
Thu Dec 20 02:16:48 UTC 2001

I need your help!
  I think perhaps something is wrong with the install directories of my RTEMS.
Here is the directory structure,can you tell me is there anything wrong?
 this is the direcory structure of RTEMS compiler files
 /opt/rtems/bin   the compiler files
 this is director of RTEMS soure code.
 /opt/rtems/rtems-4.5.0   .......
 /opt/rtems/hello_world_c-4.5.0   hell world source file directory
 /opt/rtems/build     the target file generate by  ../rtems-4.5.0.configure
 Here is the command I use to configure
 #! /bin/sh
 export PATH=$PATH:/opt/rtems/bin
 ../rtems-4.5.0/configure --target=i386  \
 Is there anything wrong??
  This problem has suffered me for about a month. I'm very eager to know how to sovle it.
 Thanks a lot .

 I'm using Redhat 7.2,PIII,256M SDRAM
 I download the RPMS for x86 and install them.,it seems work well.
 I download the source code of 4.5.0 ,uncompress to a directory in
 /opt/rtems-4.5.0, I make a directory /opt/target
I run ../rtems-4.5.0/configure --program-prifix=/rtems-i386- \

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