building rtems on redhat 7.2

Deepak Bansal bansal at
Mon Dec 24 22:24:15 UTC 2001

I have been able to build powerpc-rtems for mcp750 BSP on redhat 6.2 but 
when I do the same on redhat 7.2, I get several errors. In particular, I 
run into the following problems:
1. installing powerpc-rtems-gcc-gcc2.95.2newlib1.8.2-7.i386.rpm gives the 
error MD5 sum mismatch. Surprisingly same file did not give mismatch on 
redhat 6.2. I resolved the problem by installing a later snapshot 
powerpc-rtems-gcc-gcc2.95.3newlib1.9.0-2. I am not sure if that is related 
to my further problems.
2. When I make powerpc rtems, I get compilation errors in coremsg.c. 
Errors correspond to colck_id_t type not being defined. It seems somehow 
includes are messed up. But configuartion did not give any errors.

Has someone else faced any problems compiling rtems on redhat 7.2. I 
would greatly appreciate any suggestions/ solutions.


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