FreeBSD Compilation problem

Kapil Arora karora at
Thu Dec 27 11:54:30 UTC 2001


We have donloaded the binutils, gcc and gdb tgz files to run
Rtems cross
compiler on freeBSD host.  The  rtems 'gcc', 'ld', 'ar' etc.
are enabled and
that of freeBSD is disabled. 'make' is from the freeBSD.
Now we have used the following command to configure in

../rtems-4.5.0/configure --target=i386-rtems
--disable-hwapi --disable-multiprocessing --enable-cxx
--enable-networking --enable-posix

The configuration command goes fine and if we start make all
. The
error comes in  follwing line of file tools/build/Makefile:

DEPS_MAGIC := $(shell mkdir .deps > /dev/null 2>&1 || :)

-include $(DEP_FILES)        [ ---------------line 370 ]

The error looks as
"Makefile", line 370: Need an operator
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
*** Error code 1

Same Makefile runs fine for Linux environment.

Can any point out the problem with this..

Thanks and regards.
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