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Correo Fernando-ruiz (E-mail) correo at fernando-ruiz.com
Mon Dec 3 19:44:37 UTC 2001

dump_cpu_usage() perhaphs?

This is a pretty tool to see the task activity.

You have it into rtems_monitor() command list.
A task monitor ready to use without more things.
You can add a wonderful kill task(), resume task, and more commnads
easyly in order to give a total task control.

My shell implementation have all the monitor commands and more.
It's very extensible adding new commands in your source and 
registering them.

Adding a task extension in your user module and adding the command shell
routines you can get a powerful control task.

See you.
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> De: Peter Mueller [mailto:peter.o.mueller at gmx.de]
> Enviado el: domingo, 02 de diciembre de 2001 19:00
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> Asunto: task monitor
> Hi all,
> I like to monitor execution of an rtems application. I saw 
> that the necessary OS hooks are already there to get e.g. 
> task switching et cetera. My plan is to log such system 
> events in a large ring buffer. The buffer could be displayed later on.
> Before starting to work I like to know if something like that 
> is already there? 
> Is there a monitoring tool around that has an open interface 
> that I can use for presentation ( a la windview)?
> Peter
> -- 
> Peter Mueller
> peter.o.mueller at gmx.de

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