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What about perturbation of the OS and the user application when RTEMS will
be instrumented?

I know that there is a high dependency between a good instrumentation and
low perturbation,
but how to get a good instrumentation? There are several approaches, but
which should be preferred
for RTEMS?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Jan Suchotzki

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Peter Mueller wrote:
> Hi all,
> I like to monitor execution of an rtems application. I saw that the
necessary OS hooks are already there to get e.g. task switching et cetera.
My plan is to log such system events in a large ring buffer. The buffer
could be displayed later on.

If you are going to add any more system log events than can be done via
an extension,
I would HIGHLY recommend doing something a bit more general and adding some
macros that
can be dropped anywhere in the executive source and conditionally enabled.
Getting the
infrastructure in place to handle this is one thing.  Starting to
RTEMS is another.
I would like to see some instrumentation in place.

One the events are written to a shared buffer, it could periodically be
off board
to a host CPU or simply reset.

> Before starting to work I like to know if something like that is already
> Is there a monitoring tool around that has an open interface that I can
use for presentation ( a la windview)?

Rosimildo did some work with a CORBA Spy interface.

> Peter
> --
> Peter Mueller
> peter.o.mueller at gmx.de

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