Thomas Smeraldi thomas at utstar.com
Fri Dec 7 13:58:13 UTC 2001

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the information. I had read this section of
the RTEMS doc library prior to sending the request. I thought
there was another document that may be available which contained
more details about the changes to the GDB code.

While I have your attention, could you give me a brief description
as to how the 'target_ops' functions get executed in GDB? Prior to
this thread I cited a problem I'm having using the GDB under Cygwin
communicating with a target MPC8260 CPU. Other than attach and detach,
no other remote functions are called, e.g., 'remote_insert_breakpoint',
and the other functions contained in gdb/remote-rte.c when issuing
the standard GDB debug commands. If you can point me in the right
direction, I would really appreciate it.


Tom Smeraldi
UTStarcom, Inc.
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Thomas Smeraldi wrote:

> Hi Eric
> Could you or someone tell me how to obtain a copy of the document
> mentioned below, "RTEMS Remote Debugger Server Specifications"?

Its right there in several format...


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