RTEMS on gen68360

Gerke Kok gerke.kok at tpa-nl.com
Wed Dec 12 16:19:46 UTC 2001

Hello Eric,
it wasn't that I really could use the CS stuff. My board just is a home-brow of a m68k360 chip with some flash and RAM but not at the same places as in a real gen68360. So I just cut out the whole lot. I hope to finally create a whole new BSP for every board we have in the company but I thought I would be easier to start of with a existing board to see if I could get it to work. So in the end I will take a copy of your gen68360 (that is: if you don't mind) and add my changes to it and create tree more BSP's: PTC, GTC & LTC as the boards are called in our company. We might later on even think about using a power-quick processor but that depends on the success we will have with this range of products. We now use Vertex (VRTX) and don't like the support to much (at least in the Netherlands...) We hope to get RTEMS running and then go with that. In our case it will involve getting the board to run all RTEMS-tests and then porting our in-house (OS & Hardware) abstraction-layer to RTEMS. (we already have a porting for VRTX and one for Windows. The last one is for simulation and debugging as debugging in VRTX is only supported in the most expensive version of VRTX... :-( )
So, I hope this will clear my story a bit. And I hope I get RTEMS running. One added thing is that I now work for a charity organization and still do some bits on the side (during evenings) for the company that uses these 68360 boards. That's why I will only be able to test all options over the a couple of days.
Thanks for all ye who support RTEMS ( especially on m68k CPUs),

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On 12/12/01 at 09:40 Eric Norum wrote:

>Gerke Kok wrote:
>> Let me tell you a bit more about my BSP. It looks a lot like the
>gen68360 but I had to remove some of the settings of the CS-lines and so
>on because they were already set by the boot-loader program. (some of then
>you cannot do twice :-( ) Now I use the same directory as the gen68360 BSP
>because otherwise you have to setup a whole lot more (bsp.h, make-files
>etc. etc.) I did not fancy that. (sorry) So am working inside the "RTEMS
>source tree".
>Which configuration lines are you having problems with?  I tried to make
>the initialization code work from either a cold-start or from a
>downloaded image.  Perhaps I could merge your changes, or at least
>provide some more `ifdefs' to allow configuration without having to
>actually edit the BSP source code.
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