How one can avoid unnecessary code for file I/O?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Dec 18 14:47:00 UTC 2001

leonp wrote:
> Hello, all      .
>         Sorry to ask the question, which was, as far as I remember, once asked. But
> I was not able to find it in our mail list, as there is no search capability.
>         My project has no system I/O capabilities and tight memory requirements.
> Therefore I am forced to cut out all unnecessary code, such as filesystem,
> console stuff, etc.
>         Everything went fine till I tried to use the sprintf function, which
> immediately pulls a lot of file I/O stuff from libc, libc_support and so on.
> Then it looks also for rtems_filesystem_... and all the Co. But all I wanted
> was to produce a string according to my format!!
>         I know, that sprintf calls vfprintf and so on...but...
>         Does somebody know the simple way to solve this problem and not to write my
> own sprintf?
>         Many thanks ahead.

I assume you are also configuring to use the mini-IMFS.  That eliminates a lot
of baggage also.  

Also if you don't need it, --disable cxx, posix, etc.  Each one saves a bit.

>From there, you can do things like avoid using a termios console if you
can get by with that.

> LP
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