network boot

Davide Del Vento davide_rtems at
Tue Dec 18 14:12:50 UTC 2001

>Chris is the expert on this, but I'll throw in my $0.02 anyhow.
>I use etherboot to boot my PC targets.  I picked up the bootstrap PROM
>image from  Here's the script I use to
>produce a netboot image from the xxxxxx.exe produced by the RTEMS
>application makefiles.

Thanks you.
I reply so later because I had problem with my DHCP server.
My network administrator now gets it work, but there is still a problem: he 
says that I need to tell RTEMS the DHCP server IP-number, but rom-o-matic 
don't ask me for! When I try to boot with a generated boot image on floppy, 
rtems search for the DHCP server, but it doesn't find and print only dots.
What's about this?

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