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Fri Dec 21 17:33:06 UTC 2001

Eric Norum wrote:
> > Bhawani Mittal wrote:
> >
> > Hi All,
> >
> > In FreeBSD, multiple sockets are taken care by the proc structure.
> > But in retem, proc has been implementated as a dummy structure.
> >
> > So, in retem can I operate on multiple sockets ( created by multiple
> > tasks ) simultaneously ?
> > If yes, can anybody tell me how this thing is taken care in RETEM.
> >
> Then answer is yes.  The only restriction is that a given socket can be
> read or written by only one task a time.  This is described in the
> networking supplement to the RTEMS documentation.  I've included the
> salient section below.  The restriction is pretty minor.  I can't think
> of any reason why you'd ever want to have two tasks reading from a
> particular socket at the same time.  Two or more tasks writing to a
> socket at the same time is pretty unlikely too since you'd have problems
> with data coherency.

Wouldn't one of the tasks attempting to read actually block on a mutex
protecting the socket?  Thus from the application's perspective, it 
would look like two are simulateously reading.  One task's read would
just be satisfied before the other. 

> ===============================================================
> 3.4: Application Programming Interface
>       Network Statistics
>       Tapping Into an Interface
>       Socket Options
>       Time Synchronization Using NTP
> The RTEMS network package provides almost a complete set of BSD network
> services. The network functions work like their BSD counterparts with
> the following exceptions:
>       A given socket can be read or written by only one task at a time.
>       The select function only works for file descriptors associated
> with sockets.
>       You must call openlog before calling any of the syslog functions.
>       Some of the network functions are not thread-safe. For example the
> following functions return a pointer to a static buffer which remains
> valid only until the next call:
>       gethostbyaddr
>       gethostbyname
>       inet_ntoa
>             (inet_ntop is thread-safe, though).
>       The RTEMS network package gathers statistics.
>       Addition of a mechanism to "tap onto" an interface and monitor
> every packet received and transmitted.
>       Addition of SO_SNDWAKEUP and SO_RCVWAKEUP socket options.
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