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Thu Feb 15 16:53:07 UTC 2001

liubo <boliu at 263.net> wrote:

> I am the first time to come to this mail list.I am developing
> a system using MC68332 CPU, I want to use RTOS to ensure system
> reliability.Some of my friends recommend me that RTEMS is very
> good, why not have a try? He tell me that RTEMS is open source
> and I need not pay for it, is this true? Can RTEMS suport
> MC683xx CPU? How can I get RTEMS? Maybe this question is very
> simple, But I did want somebody to help me out.

Gerke Kok <gerke.kok at tpa-nl.com> wrote:

> Go get it all at ftp://ftp.oarcorp.com/pub/rtems/releases/4.5.0. The docs
> and all are there too.

  A couple of things to add.  Most developers find it easier to work
under Linux (or another UNIX variant) than Windows.  If you are
familiar with UNIX, I'd recommend it.  Joel Sherrill makes RPMs (Red
Hat Package Manager packages) available, and then uses a utility to
derive packages for other flavors of Linux.  I've tested the Debian
files and found that they work just fine.  This will get you started
very quickly.

  There have been a number of MC683xx projects developed using RTEMS.
I created BSPs for some MC68331-based systems I've built, using the 
EFI332 BSP as a starting point.  The effort required to get a simple
BSP up so you can run the benchmark tests is fairly minimal, mostly
related to modifying the linker controls to match your system's
memory map.

  Finally, there are a lot of very knowledgeable folks who read and
respond to the mailing list.  Make sure you understand your problem
before asking so that you can be specific in your questions, and
you'll almost certainly get a useful reply very quickly.

  Welcome, and good luck.

					-- MC --

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