netdemos-4.5.0 and POSIX

John Bebbington Bebbington.John at
Mon Feb 19 13:11:00 UTC 2001

Hello RTEMS users,

has anyone tried to compile the netdemos-4.5.0 for a Linux POSIX target?

I am trying to get a socket server to work with a RTEMS multi-tasking
software running on a Linux (POSIX) host configuration, but I am having
trouble with the "accept" blocking ALL tasks (i.e. the whole process!)
instead of only the single RTEMS task that calls "accept".

I am new to sockets, and so started by using examples of UNIX sockets as
described in Unix Network Programming, vol 1. by Stevens.

After noticing the block problem I switched over to try to compile the
netdemos for Linux POSIX. I cannot compile these demos as the "#include
<rtems/rtems_bsdnet.h> is not present in my environment for POSIX.

Any help would be gratefully received.

John Bebbington.

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