Runtime network configuration

Andrew Bythell abythell at
Tue Feb 20 16:18:24 UTC 2001

Hello all.

This question is about network configuration at run-time.  I am using
the latest RTEMS snapshot with the gen68360 BSP.

I store network settings in an EEPROM. Currently I declare global
rtems_bsdnet_ifconfig and rtems_bsdnet_configuration structures,
allocate memory for these structures, then copy the data from the EEPROM
into the allocated structures.  Then I call

Is this the best approach?  Do I have to make these variables global? 
What I am finding is that BOOTP/DHCP works fine, but using static
settings causes "Destination Host Unreachable" after some time.  I feel
the source of the problem must be the way I'm assigning the gateway

Any advice is appreciated.

Andrew Bythell
Nortel Networks    System Verification 
Ottawa, Ontario Canada    esn.39.56930 
tel.613.765-6930      fax.613.763-7795

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