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This sounds like a problem I've had.  You will get "unreachable" if your
default gateway address isn't compatible with the card's own address and
subnet mask.  The gateway has to be on your card's subnet!  This applies
even if you aren't using the gateway, i.e. all the addrfesses you really
want to use are on your own subnet.

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> Subject: Runtime network configuration
> Hello all.
> This question is about network configuration at run-time.  I am using
> the latest RTEMS snapshot with the gen68360 BSP.
> I store network settings in an EEPROM. Currently I declare global
> rtems_bsdnet_ifconfig and rtems_bsdnet_configuration structures,
> allocate memory for these structures, then copy the data from 
> the EEPROM
> into the allocated structures.  Then I call
> rtems_bsdnet_initialize_network.
> Is this the best approach?  Do I have to make these variables global? 
> What I am finding is that BOOTP/DHCP works fine, but using static
> settings causes "Destination Host Unreachable" after some 
> time.  I feel
> the source of the problem must be the way I'm assigning the gateway
> address.
> Any advice is appreciated.
> A.
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