Rebuilding RTEMS

Eric Norum eric.norum at
Tue Feb 13 18:34:30 UTC 2001

"Aaron J. Grier" wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 13, 2001 at 09:11:58AM -0600, Eric Norum wrote:
> > It seems to be due to some strange interaction between make and NFS.
> > I have not had the time to investigate any further.
> >
> > Until now I thought I was the only person having this problem.  I'm
> > very happy to hear that it's not just a delusion on my part.
> check for clock skew...  it bites us from time to time.  NTP (or at the
> very least timed) is suggested if you're using NFS.

That was the first thing I checked.
ntpdc reports an offset of less than a millisecond between the NFS
server and the client where I build RTEMS.

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