Help on compiling building tools for the latest RTEMS snapshot onMIPS target

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri Feb 16 15:39:34 UTC 2001

newlib 1.9.0 requires a patch -- libc/sys/rtems/sys/types.h should not
have been included in the release.

It looks like you  do not have the right set of patches.  be careful.


KEVIN.SHI ®u¼wµa wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I tried to build the cross compilation tools for MIPS (not MIPS64-Orion)
> target board.
> I modified the script file in c_build_scripts-4.5.0.tgz and replaced the
> string
> "mips64orion-rtems" with "mips-rtems" in Then I tried to run the
> bit
> script file under cygwin console of Windows NT 4.0. Since the process took a
> long time so I redirected the output to the log file. Two hours passed and
> the fatal
> errors came out instead of the successful message. I attached the log file
> in my
> email and hope someone could help me compiling the tools necessary for
> building
> the latest RTEMS snapshot. Thanks.
>  <<bit.log>>
> Kevin Shi
> Software Engineer
> Delta Networks Inc.
>   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                      Name: bit.log
>    bit.log           Type: Text Document (application/x-unknown-content-type-txtfile)
>                  Encoding: quoted-printable
>           Download Status: Not downloaded with message

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