Who can give comercial support?

Jowell, Chris {AVL~Roswell} CHRIS.JOWELL at ROCHE.COM
Fri Feb 23 15:16:37 UTC 2001


	Here at Roche we have commercial support for RTEMS, which we
purchased for a very reasonable price from OAR corp.  Outside of the
difficulties getting the service started over the Christmas holidays
(combined with the very rare event of a snow storm), their tech support has
been prompt, accurate and generally superior to other companies (Wind River
& Tasking for example) that we have contracts with.

	Additionally in my experience; technical assistance from members of
the Open Source community *vastly* outshines technical assistance from the
vendors of our previous (very expensive) development tools.

Christopher Jowell

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Roche Diagnostics 
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we are looking for anyone who can give support in porting RTEMS and/or
drivers to a 68040/68EN360 platform located in germany.

Schöne Grüße aus Reutlingen

Wolfram Wadepohl

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