Host software for EST Vision ICE

Jowell, Chris {AVL~Roswell} CHRIS.JOWELL at ROCHE.COM
Sat Jan 20 16:53:32 UTC 2001


	I know this is way off topic but I'm desperate...

We use an EST Vision ICE for debugging our 68332 code, and I'm looking for
the host software for it.  We currently use EST's software for Windows 95
called Click32 rev 6.5b, but our install disks have become corrupted.  I
have contacted Wind River (the people who bought EST) and their response was
"you have to buy new hardware, we don't have that old software".  Obviously,
I am not thrilled at the prospect of an expensive hardware purchase just to
recover from corrupted install disks.

	Does anyone have one of these, and still have the install disks?
	Does anyone know of an alternative host solution?

Thanks a lot!

Christopher Jowell

Application System Analyst 
Roche Diagnostics 
235 Hembree Park Dr.
Roswell Ga 30076
(770) 576-5000 X 579
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