Certifiability of RTEMS

Brett, Tom tobrett at Eldec.com
Thu Jan 25 20:25:08 UTC 2001

Hi all,

Am wondering if RTEMS (with GNAT) has been used in any applications
requiring DO-178B certification, level A or B (typical for avionics
applications)?  Has anyone attempted to configure RTEMS such that the
objectives of the Ravenscar Profile are achieved?  Any estimate on the size
of the RTEMS kernel when configured for a safety critical application?  Any
estimate on the level of effort needed to certify a configured kernel?   I
don't suppose there is a "certification package" available for RTEMS?
Anything that could be used as a basis for requirements and design
documentation, or for functional testing, requirements based testing, and
structural coverage testing?


Tom Brett
tobrett at eldec.com

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