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Fernando RUIZ CASAS (E-mail) fernando.ruiz at ctv.es
Tue Jan 2 08:52:14 UTC 2001

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Hi All:

I studied the RTEMS c user's guide, found that RTEMS does not have any
kernel related debug info api calls(e.g. task's current stack size,
minimum stack size, message queue's current remaining queue
length/minimum queue length...). All the other famous RTOS(pSOS, Nucleus,
VxWorks) have lots of these kernel related debug info api. Are you
planning to provide these functions or have provided but not documented ?
Please kindly tell me. Thanks in advance. ( The VxWorks even provide
call back function for each context switch, this is helpful if we want
to know which task is consuming most of the cpu resource.)


Jeffrey Wu

Hi Jeffrey

You have rtems_extension (See 'C' user guide) to implement an added
task_switcher procedure.
There is a cpu task time consuming extension sample builded.
Browse the rtems tree...
In tcb structure there is a lot of information for the current task.
In the extension you can access at this information. (poor documentent but
the sources are availiables and the comments let you to understand them)

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