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> Hi,
> I have some questions:
> 1. What are sections 'monvects' and 'monram' and why they need so much
> space? Looking into *.map file of an application there is nothing in
> these sections. It wastes half of RAM on my EVB.
> 2. I am hacking the console driver in gensh2 to use termios (with
> success - thanks Fernando!). The question is about
> registering files in
> system. The console driver should be the first entry in drivers table
> (otherwise it doesn't work - don't know why; system uses driver with
> major=0 which is simple SCI driver in current snapshot). When
> I want to
> link /dev/console to /dev/sci0 (serial port) it has to exist. If I
> register it in console_initialize() it will have major number 0. It
> makes no difference to driver routines because the use only
> minor number
> but right now I have /dev/sci0 with major=0 and minor=0 and /dev/sci1
> with major=1 and minor=1. Does it make sense? Is it
> dangerous? I did not
> look into another bsp's but maybe there is no sense to make separate
> drivers for console and serial ports. This wouldn't be an issue if the
> console worked independently from the location in the driver table.
> Regards
> Radek

Hi Radek. I can send you a minimal init.c program with a little trick to
setup the driver table..

Patching 'CONFDEFS.H' is the easy.

Be patient...

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