ERC32 BSP & snapshop 20010109

jiri at jiri at
Wed Jan 31 13:45:30 UTC 2001

It's not obvious from your mail which monitor you are using on your
target hardware. If you are using rdbmon as proided in ERC32CCS, you
need to follow the instructions, i.e. use the supplied gdb-4.17 and
connect with 'target erc32 /dev/ttyS00'.  I would advise to use the
new LECCS compiler system (see which contains a
new monitor that uses the 'extended-remote' protocol and can be
used with an unmodified gdb-5.0.

Also note that any output from the target applications will not be
visible in the gdb console but sent on MEC UART A, so you need to
connect a terminal window to this port.

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