Problems with starting new BSP

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Jul 3 13:11:19 UTC 2001

Radzislaw Galler wrote:
> investigation I found out that disabling clock driver would help for a while:
> the application is able to start all tasks and switch context to every one...
> but only once. After that all tasks become waiting on timeout.

This makes perfect sense.  Without a clock tick, you are not able to timeout.
> Also if I enable clock driver and disable interrupts soon enough I am able to
> see some debugging info on terminal. But reenabling interrupts casues some
> infinite loop somewhere. If I leave interrupts enabled the system hangs after
> printing first three letters on terminal.

When you say "reenabling interrupts", do you mean all potential interrupt 
sources?  My gut instinct says that you have an uninitialized interrupt
source that is happening.  Do you have a spurious interrupt handler in
your BSP to report an unexpected interrupt?

I don't know if there is a generic sh spurious interrupt handler like
there is for some other CPUs.  I think the m68k has a nice example of

If I am misreading things, it could simply be that the clock tick
occurs once and is never cleared or setup properly to fire again.

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