(real time) corba impl. for rtems

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Tue Jul 17 18:55:42 UTC 2001

Hi all,

this may be of interest to all rtems users:
(from http://www.lfbs.rwth-aachen.de/users/stefan/rofes/about/)

 Many real-time applications run on embedded systems. However, CORBA is too 
large to meet the exact size and performance requirements for such 
applications. This scenario requires a cut-down version of CORBA, which has 
been specified by the Object Management Group and is called minimumCORBA. We

have implemented a prototype of Real-Time CORBA, with the aim to minimize
memory footprint. In particular our version of Real-Time CORBA is suitable 
for embedded systems. Therefore our project is called Real-Time CORBA for 
embedded Systems (ROFES). We will adhere to the OMG standards Real-Time
and minimumCORBA. Besides Ethernet, ROFES supports other network 
architectures. By supporting these new network architectures we hope to 
achieve better real-time characteristics. One of these network architectures

is the Scalable Coherent Interface (SCI). 
 A real-time operating system provides ideal support for real-time 
applications. However, the cost aspect and the acceptance of operating 
systems like Windows NT, Sun Solaris and Linux have generated a need for 
real-time functionality in these operating systems. For instance, Solaris is

compatible with the real-time extension POSIX 1003.1b, although it is not 
possible to develop a hard real-time application in such an environment.
companies and universities are developing real-time extensions for Windows
and Linux. A very interesting real-time extension for Linux is Real-Time 
Linux. In Real-Time Linux, a small hard-realtime kernel and standard Linux 
share one or more processors in order to develop a system that can be used 
for applications like data acquisition, control and robotics while still 
serving as a standard Linux workstation. We plan to implement a version of 
Real-Time CORBA for embedded systems on Linux, Windows CE/NT, Real-Time 
Linux, LynxOS and the QNX Realtime Platform. 

Code compiles also  on rtems!

For m68k a server and client is around 500k including rtems!


P.S: I sent this mail some days ago to the list, but I don't saw it there. I
assume a 
problem on my mailer program. If you got this mail the second time just
delete it ;-)

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