i386-rtems works now

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Jul 3 17:47:02 UTC 2001

Thomas Bocek wrote:
> It works now and all my questions I posted are solved. Has anyone tried
> rtems-i386 on plex86 (x86 emulator)? I did but it does not work. It says:
> error code pushed by processor itself (if not 0) = 0
> -----
> -----
> Exception caught at PC 1412A by thread 7471202

Was that the entire message printed?  Usually there is some exception
type information ahead of that.  
> what does this mean?

It means that an unexpected exception occurred.  This is generally
an error.  Some hints are that it is an unexpected device interrupt
or an exception such as illegal instruction, non-existent memory, etc.
Since you are on plex86, I would guess that it would likely not
follow the typical patterns exactly.  What code is at 1412A according
to the symbol table?  Is there a specific instruction causing the

It could be a plex86 configuration problem.  According to the plex86
archives, I reported some success back in December. :)


The RTEMS Guest file was added back in October according to this:


I do not think I ever had any luck with Microwindows but mostly because
I did not have time to pursue prior to the holidays.  

I would really like to get plex86 working as it could provide a nice
test environment. :)

> Regards
> Thomas

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