i386-rtems works now with plex86

Thomas Bocek draft at icu.unizh.ch
Wed Jul 4 18:06:09 UTC 2001

i386-rtems "hello world" works with plex86!!

On Tuesday 03 July 2001 19:47, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Thomas Bocek wrote:
> > It works now and all my questions I posted are solved. Has anyone tried
> > rtems-i386 on plex86 (x86 emulator)? I did but it does not work. It says:
> >
> > error code pushed by processor itself (if not 0) = 0
> > -----
> > -----
> > Exception caught at PC 1412A by thread 7471202
> Was that the entire message printed?  Usually there is some exception
> type information ahead of that.

there was and endless loop with this message.

> > what does this mean?
> It means that an unexpected exception occurred.  This is generally
> an error.  Some hints are that it is an unexpected device interrupt
> or an exception such as illegal instruction, non-existent memory, etc.
> Since you are on plex86, I would guess that it would likely not
> follow the typical patterns exactly.  What code is at 1412A according
> to the symbol table?  Is there a specific instruction causing the
> fault?

The Exception was performed by finit (floating point init). It seems the 
plex86 does not support fpu, or the initilisation has a bug. So I disabled 
fpu. (where is the correct place to deacitvate fpu. I removed the fpu init 

> It could be a plex86 configuration problem.  According to the plex86
> archives, I reported some success back in December. :)

I didnt use grub: I wrote a bootloader, and merged the bootloader, 
start16.bin and the kernel image (.bin) into a file. And then I booted this 
file as a floppy image with plex86. I had to make some modification at the 
rtems source code.

I collect the modifications and I will send it to you.

> http://www.mail-archive.com/plex86@fastxs.net/msg01379.html
> The RTEMS Guest file was added back in October according to this:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/plex86@fastxs.net/msg00535.html
> I do not think I ever had any luck with Microwindows but mostly because
> I did not have time to pursue prior to the holidays.
> I would really like to get plex86 working as it could provide a nice
> test environment. :)



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