Will RTEMS run on my board?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Jul 10 18:43:35 UTC 2001

Mont Pierce wrote:
> Can anyone give me an idea on how feasible it would be to implement
> RTEMS in a custom MPC860SAR board with only 2mb Flash and
> 4mb SDRAM?  I need TCP/IP stack with telnet server and tftp server
> over ethernet.   I also need some(64k) of the 2mb of Flash to store non-
> volatile config data.

Ignoring the telnetd and snapshot issue, the 860 is a well supported
target with multiple users.  There are example BSPs for the Motorola
MBX8xx series of board and the custom eth_comm BSP.  I can offhand 
think of a few users with custom 860 boards.  The 8xx support is mostly
in the form of shared/libcpu code so is easier to create new BSPs with.

> Thanks,
> Mont

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