termios wakeup callback functions

Ilya Alexeev ilya at continuum.ru
Fri Jul 13 20:23:35 UTC 2001

Hello Mike,

Friday, July 13, 2001 you wrote:

MS> Hi Suvrat,
MS> I am working on a fresh port of pppd 2.3.11 to RTEMS.  I am
MS> also writing some higher level functions to make it easier
MS> to use the pppd code in an application.

MS> The pppd 2.3.11 code still uses global and static variables.
MS> I have not tried to review the code to see if it directly
MS> supports multiple ppp connections.  Once this new port is
MS> working, we could look at this issue.

MS> Do you have any interest in help testing this new version
MS> of pppd?  I have it basically working with the i386/pc586
MS> BSP but I would like it to be tested on some other BSPs
MS> before submitting it to be included into the RTEMS source
MS> tree.
Yes, I have the interest to see and check this sources.
I use m68k/gen68360 bsp.

MS> Also, I was wondering if you are seeing this problem.
MS> Basically, if I do a large packet size flood ping
MS> (say 8000 bytes) to RTEMS over the ppp connection, the ping
MS> response times keep getting slower and slower.  This problem
MS> exists for me both in the old and updated version.  I have
MS> not tried updating the low level pppd driver code yet.
This problem is in modem/ppp_tty.c + termios.c.
I have some "dirty" changes for this files to reduce this problem.

MS> Thanks
MS> Mike Siers


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