Bad RUN command on GDB

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Thu Jul 19 06:22:37 UTC 2001

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Subject: R: Bad RUN command on GDB

> Yes, what you say is right. Hit 'c' instead of 'r' and the program
> Is ashamed my GDB know level.

I had exactly the same problem at the begining, although I claimed to know
GDB. So don't be ashamed.

> In the first I used the Bill Gatliff gdbstub from sourceforge. Now I have
> wrote my stub.
> Are you using 7045EVB too ?

Yes. Up to now I think I was the only person in this list (there was one guy
in the past but he left the list). But don't worry there are some people
here that work on SH processors.

Is your stub better than gdbstubs? I mean does it properly do step through
the code? With gdbstubs the problem is that when you hit 'n' in GDB you get
result of 'stepi'. But I'm still using it. I also thought about improving
gdbstubs, but had no time for it. (as always ;)

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