R: Bad RUN command on GDB

Giulix giuliano.to at tin.it
Thu Jul 19 19:42:17 UTC 2001

> I had exactly the same problem at the begining, although I claimed to know
> GDB. So don't be ashamed.


> Is your stub better than gdbstubs? I mean does it properly do step through
> the code? With gdbstubs the problem is that when you hit 'n' in GDB you
> result of 'stepi'. But I'm still using it. I also thought about improving
> gdbstubs, but had no time for it. (as always ;)

In the first my intention was to obtain a platform-indipendent stub and a
stub for Hitachi
7045F in single chip too. So I have wrote a stub organized in many files. I
have fixed some bugs
in Gatliff's stub. I don't remember if the bug mentioned by you is fixed.
Actually my stub have a good organization (I think) but is not complete (had
no time for it).
These are the features that actually are NOT supported:
- limiting the memory usage (for single chip usage only)
- fix some bugs with internal UBC break
- support direct internal flash writter
- think about 115K serial baud rate
- think about using serial SCI with RX interrupt (level 15) to perform halt
program with CTRL-C from host

If you want my stub please ask me. Happy to send you

Best regards

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