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Mon Jul 23 17:38:45 UTC 2001

I have made this for a sh-rtems board.
Are you interested?
I have made a makefile with mtarget=rom or mtarget=ram in order to run this.
I have touched the start.S like the ram but adding the romvector table.
And setting the makefile to generate a bin image from the init.exe
executable objcopying
only the .text and .initialvarvalues section.
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work: fernando.ruiz at

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  Hi everbody..

  now i have to bring my project in the flashrom of the board. ( I've worked
in RAM with a Debugger)
  Every example for PowerPc that i found will run out of the Board RAM.
  Does anybody have an example for the startup-file and the linkfile for a
PowerPC-System (MPC5XX) that will completely run out of the rom/flashrom ?
  I have no Monitor Programm or something like this..

  Wilfried Busalski

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