Will RTEMS run on my board?

Tom Schroeder tlschroe at pdnt.com
Wed Jul 25 03:37:25 UTC 2001

> Mont Pierce wrote:
> > 
> > Can anyone give me an idea on how feasible it would be to implement
> > RTEMS in a custom MPC860SAR board with only 2mb Flash and
> > 4mb SDRAM?  I need TCP/IP stack with telnet server and tftp server
> > over ethernet.   I also need some(64k) of the 2mb of Flash to store non-
> > volatile config data.

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Ignoring the telnetd and snapshot issue, the 860 is a well supported
> target with multiple users.  There are example BSPs for the Motorola
> MBX8xx series of board and the custom eth_comm BSP.  I can offhand 
> think of a few users with custom 860 boards.  The 8xx support is mostly
> in the form of shared/libcpu code so is easier to create new BSPs with.

Better late than never...

The "eth_comm" board has 1MB Flash and 16MB SDRAM.  The Flash stores 1 block of
config/initialization data, 1 native (MPC860) executable, 2 RTEMS (gzip'd)
executables, 2 FPGA images, and several 64k blocks are still empty.  The 16MB of
SDRAM allows us to uncompress the RTEMS executables from Flash, but with 2MB of
Flash, you shouldn't need to worry about compression.

We are currently running 4.5.0-beta3a, since I've been too busy to update
it.  We are using TCP/IP, FTPd, HTTPd, and telnetd.  The (uncompressed)
ELF executables are about 400k-500k in size.  (gzip ratio is close to 3:1)

With 4MB SDRAM and 2MB Flash, you should be in good shape!

Tom Schroeder, tschroeder at frasca.com
> > Thanks,
> > Mont
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