I can't build RTEMS.

Sergio Jesus srg_j at newmail.net
Fri Mar 9 02:00:34 UTC 2001

I'm trying to install RTEMS release 4.5.0 on a i586 pc with RedHat6.2.
I followed all the instructions of the file 'started.pdf'.

I can successfully install the tools and DBG but when I try to build RTEMS I get the following message:

    checking if cpu i386 is supported... yes
    checking for make/custom/i386-rtems.cfg... configure: error: no
    configure: error: ../../../rtems-4.5.0/c/configure failed for c
    Could not successfully configure into build-i386-rtems!

In attachment I'm sending all the log of bit_rtems.
I used the bit scripts.

Can someone help me?

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