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Fri Mar 2 16:23:25 UTC 2001

"Correo Fernando-ruiz (E-mail)" wrote:
> Is it possible to have a list of 'how to' with examples intead a email
> archives in the OAR RTEMS site?
> I can write some 'how to' like
> adding a new driver,
> making a promable rom image,
> building a multiuser environment shell,
> ...
> Perhaps anyboy can write:
> Setting a tcp/ip configuration
> making a ethernet driver,
> setting a ppp serial driver,
> making a new filesystem,
> Is this a good idea?

If this is in the spirit of the Linux HOWTOs, then I would have
to agree that they are useful.  A lot of this information is
in the manuals and HOWTOs that reference the full 
documentation would be nice.  I would assume that a part
of writing a HOWTO might actually include submitting
modifications to the manuals.

For example, the 1st set of three would be more HOWTO and
less reference.  Ignoring the "adding a new driver" since
the Configuring a System chapter does include this.

The 1st 2 in the second set are supposed to be documented
in the Networking Guide.  The 3rd is probably not covered
in enough detail anywhere so would be a new documentation

Making a new filesystem.. there is a sparse manual on the
filesystem infrastructure.  Enhancing this would be needed.

So I am not discouraging HOWTOs, only encouraging people
to remember that there is a manual set.  it is fairly 
complete but has gaps.  Filling in the gaps and adding
HOWTOs as supplements would be OK to me.

Some could be added as questions in the FAQ where the
answers are basically .. "look here first, then look there"
then do this, then do that.  A guide into the manuals.

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