What is the status of the MIPS BSPs?

Alexander D. Tarkhov karabass at mitino.ptt.ru
Sun Mar 4 16:41:53 UTC 2001

Hello, Gerald.

We use mips64orion BSP on IDT p4650 processors.

It is operational, but it took us some time to customize it.
There are also some "hacks" in the code, for example in the
interrupt handler (one of the asm files), and heap initialization.
But all that can also be included into customization, that is OK for an
open-source system :).
(I am away from office now, but I could send you a full list of our 
changes later, if you wish)

Regarding the second question, I have no experience of constructing
brand new BSP, nor did I use other BSPs, so that's not to me, I think. 

Alexander Tarkhov

Gerald Stanton wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm investigating RTEMS for a QED RM7000A processor on a custom board.
> Is the mips64orion BSP functional?
> Is it a good base on which to construct another MIPS BSP?
> Thanks,
> Gerald Stanton

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