What is the status of the MIPS BSPs?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Mon Mar 5 12:24:38 UTC 2001

I am glad to see so many people respond on the MIPS port. :)

We are in the process of doing a nice update to the MIPS port.
The work is in a "mips" port not a "mips64orion" port. 
It is in pretty good shape at the moment with the p4600 BSP
compiling and the jmr3904 BSP working.  The goal is to support
all MIPS variants and have a simpler source tree.  The following
things have been reworked:

  + interrupt vectoring support  to account for the
    variations in how the IP bits are actually decoded.
  + libcpu to more accurately reflect CPU model variations
  + score/cpu so the ifdefs strictly use built-in CPP
    predefines based on CPU model arguments.  Basically 
    honor -mips1 and -mips3.
  + score/cpu shares as much code as possible between 
    mips1/mips3 and should support both
  + R3xxx support works
I highly encourage people to look at the mips port in the
snapshots and play with it.  Please try to migrate your
existing BSPs to it and provide patches/feedback so we
account for everything users required.  Silence is
bad here.  The mips64orion will eventually be obsoleted 
and removed.  

Feedback (on the snapshots list) of what people have done to
the mips64orion port would be greatly appreciated so we
can be sure these issues are more properly addressed in the
revised mips port.


"Hackenstrass, Kai" wrote:
> Hi, Gerald
> we are using rtems on a nec vr5000 generic board. the base was rtems 4.5.0
> beta 3. unluckily we had not enough time to test the newer snapshots.
> it works, but we have to change the interupt handling to fit our needs.
> additional we had to change the connection to the underlying monitor
> program. we use the sde tool kit from algorithmics, that supports our basic
> evaluation board. we do not make the attempt to switch generally to rtems,
> because the, let me name it with bios functions, are provided from the sde
> kit, e.g. pci configuration, serial communication.
> we are interested in the interrupt handling, task scheduling and
> interprocessor communication. we do not have a product by now, we are in the
> development phase, so i cannot make any statements about the final product
> features.
> i hope this will help you
> kai
> Kai Hackenstraß
> System Software Developer
> mailto:kai.hackenstrass at barco.com
> http://www.barco.com
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm investigating RTEMS for a QED RM7000A processor on a custom board.
> >
> > Is the mips64orion BSP functional?
> >
> > Is it a good base on which to construct another MIPS BSP?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Gerald Stanton
> >

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