what brands of 683xx BDM modules are in use?

Bogic Petrovic boggy at elab.tmf.bg.ac.yu
Tue Mar 13 15:27:07 UTC 2001


giveio.sys for NT, is useful only for some  ISA FM radio cards or similar...

Peter Shoebridge wrote  (http://www.zeecube.com), real (kernel-mode) 
BDM-GDB driver for NT, based on Linux driver.(source is open...)
I had tested gdb 4.18, gdb 5.0, Insight 5.0 (!)  under cygwin, and it 
has worked... with MC68360.
BDM cable  is Public Domain 5 chip design. We have problems with 
68360 at 32MHz, but we solve it, with simple hardware modification.


Chris Johns wrote:

> Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> Just curious.. if any particular module is known to work
>> better with gdb under Linux or Cygwin.
>> Yes I know this is a periodic question. :)
> The package which Eric and I maintain supports 3 types of BDM pods. The
> Coldfire is the P&E type pod. For the 683xx the ICD P&E pod is
> supported, as well as the 5 chip design (PD) which is documented in the
> BDM package.
> All pods are known to work and people have been active in providing good
> patches. I know of only 2 outstanding patches which do not relate to
> Hosts supported are FreeBSD and Linux in direct parallel port access,
> and remote via the client/server interface.
> On Windows, Win95 is supported and the Cybertec ftp site has a binary of
> GDB and Insight.
>   ftp://www.cybertec.com.au/pub/bdm/
> The Insight is a little green but I could download and single step. 
> The windows version can connect remotely to a Unix server. This is nice
> for NT type users. I am yet to try and get the server work on Windows.
> W2K and NT do not currently work directly accessing the parallel port
> hardware. This is being worked on using a package called GiveIO. With
> GiveIO I think the Win2K and NT version should become a reality.
> While on the subject of BDM, if anyone is interested in flash
> programming using BDM, a discussion about this happened the other day on
> the Coldfire mailing list
> ccj

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