what brands of 683xx BDM modules are in use?

Chris Johns cjohns at cybertec.com.au
Tue Mar 13 15:26:40 UTC 2001

Bogic Petrovic wrote:
> giveio.sys for NT, is useful only for some  ISA FM radio cards or similar...

I have a patch and doco from someone using it with the BDM package and a
Coldfire. My brief reading of the GiveIO package is it will do the job,
but I am yet to actually try it and see if it works.

> Peter Shoebridge wrote  (http://www.zeecube.com), real (kernel-mode)
> BDM-GDB driver for NT, based on Linux driver.(source is open...)
> I had tested gdb 4.18, gdb 5.0, Insight 5.0 (!)  under cygwin, and it
> has worked... with MC68360.
> BDM cable  is Public Domain 5 chip design. We have problems with
> 68360 at 32MHz, but we solve it, with simple hardware modification.

This version of driver has changes to support Windows, and is not
current when I last looked.

It also requires an IO driver from Zeecube which you are required to pay
for commercial use.


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