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Wed Mar 14 00:17:42 UTC 2001

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Has anyone made any attempts at porting ACE/TAO to RTEMS?
> I am trying to take a shot at it and am fighting the
> build structure.  If anyone else has started down this
> path, it would save some time.
> FYI I have written a config-rtems.h file and am just
> wanting to try to compile things now.

When I was porting OmniORB a while back ( almost 2 years ),
Erik got ACE/TAO working. I never asked him for the code of whatever
he got working. What a mistake !.

I guess he felt it was too big for his target. 
He might have some insigths. :-)

From: "erik.ivanenko" <erik.ivanenko at>  4/22/99 6:30 PM
Subject: ACE sizes
      To: Rosimildo DaSilva <rdasilva at>

I've managed to compile and link a minimal ACE.  Just to run a test that
prints sizes of base types.

The result is that the TEST, with  MINIMAL ACE libs  + RTEMS is 420K.
The result of wrapping networking in class ACE_OS -- all of it gets

Anyway, lets use that as a baseline...

The minimal ACE for TAO is around 500 K, but could be more.  Then the
minimal TAO is 650K if I remember ( 200K more for everything).

So,if you want ACE + TAO on RTEMS your looking at between 1.5MB and
1.7MB or so of flash to get it to go... or you must do a netboot.  (
GRUB fails ! ) OmniORB is small enough to fit on a diskette.

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