better sizes Re: ACE/TAO on RTEMS

Rosimildo daSilva rdasilva at
Fri Mar 16 22:00:38 UTC 2001

From: Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at>
To: Sergei Organov <osv at>; Rosimildo daSilva
<rdasilva at>; rtems-users at <rtems-users at>
Date: Friday, March 16, 2001 1:26 PM
Subject: better sizes Re: ACE/TAO on RTEMS

>OK.  Now that I have worked out the kinks and gotten
>the "ace_main" called from our init task, the linker
>actually has to include stuff.  Here are some sizes.
>bash$ sparc-rtems-size A*Test
>   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
>1246128   14768   39700 1300596 13d874 ARGV_Test
>1224784   14768   39700 1279252 138514 Aio_Platform_Test
>1223888   14768   39700 1278356 138194 Atomic_Op_Test
>1254512   14960   39700 1309172 13f9f4 Auto_IncDec_Test
>How does this look Rosimildo?  These are still just ACE.  I need
>to rebuild TAO and the ORB  services to get TAO numbers.

This time they look ok. Around 1M each. That is what I was expecting
for ACE executables, and around 1.6M for TAO files.

A typical omniORB executable is around
900K ( "Hello World"  CORBA application )  :-)

>Before the sections stuff, I was about to post a patch.  Once
>I link a TAO test, I will do so.

Good stuff for RTEMS. ACE/TAO is one of the best peace
of software that dealt with.

Some breaking news: I have written under a contract a SOAP
engine( client/server ). I have talked to my customer and they agreed
to open source the project. We are working on the license thing.
It runs on Windows/Linux/RTEMS and eCos. Hopefully in a month
or so, we should be able to start developing Web Services using
RTEMS. yes, it talks to MS .NET stuff. It is just smaller and faster. :-)


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