Modem driver for pppd.

Ilya Alexeev ilya at
Tue Mar 20 22:07:05 UTC 2001

Hello all.

First, sorry for my English.

I am about modem driver for PPPD.

As I has understood, in the last RTEMS' snapshot whole hardware independent part
of pppd is in the libnetworking/modem.
So, I must write driver, working with my hardware only (registering "/dev/modem" name).
Am I right?

How must it look approximately?

I am interesting in the following moments:

1. What must driver do, when interrupt of received data from my port occures?
Must it call 'pppinput' function for characters from this data?

2. What must driver do then it's 'read' function calls?

3. What must driver do then it's 'write' function calls?
Must it simple send data to my port?

4. What must be done in it's 'ioctl' function?

Beforehand grateful,

Ilya Alexeev
ilya at

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