Modem driver for pppd.

Ilya Alexeev ilya at
Thu Mar 22 00:44:08 UTC 2001

>> First, sorry for my English.
>> I am about modem driver for PPPD.
>> As I has understood, in the last RTEMS' snapshot whole hardware
>> independent part
>> of pppd is in the libnetworking/modem.
>> So, I must write driver, working with my hardware only
>> (registering "/dev/modem" name).
>> Am I right?

MJF> You could write a driver our you could use the one that i have written, i
MJF> posted the
MJF> sources to this mailist a few weeks ago, if you search the archives for PPPD
MJF> you should find it, or i can send it again.

MJF> -matthew


Your modem driver contains a lot of code independent from the hardware.
This code exists in the pppd/ and modem/.
I have written a driver, which works with my hardware, and
I need to know how it must interact with this independent code:

>1. What must driver do, when interrupt of received data from my port occures?
>   Must it call 'pppinput' function for characters from this data?
>2. What must driver do then it's 'read' function calls?
>3. What must driver do then it's 'write' function calls?
>   Must it simple send data to my port?
>4. What must be done in it's 'ioctl' function?

Beforehand grateful,

Ilya Alexeev
ilya at

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