added patch for ACE/TAO 5.1.14 beta release

Rosimildo da Silva rdasilva at
Thu Mar 29 02:53:39 UTC 2001

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> This is a modified version of the same patch.  The new beta
> (last week) has even more subdirectories so the
> directory Makefile problem is even worse.  I have not
> built as much on the beta as with 5.1 but thought I
> would make this available regardless.

This is very nice. I wish days had 36 hours to 
play around with this for while.

For C++ people that want to build their applications
on top of a wonderful framework, ACE is one of the
best ones that I ever seen. ACE has nothing to do
with CORBA. It is a multi-platform framwork for
threads/semaphores/sockets/timers, and a zillion 
design patterns implemented in a nice OO way.

TAO is one of the best designed CORBA ORBs.


I presume you build them as separated libraries,
so people that want use ACE only, would be able
to do so.

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