added patch for ACE/TAO 5.1.14 beta release

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Mar 29 15:20:24 UTC 2001

Rosimildo da Silva wrote:
> Joel Sherrill wrote:
> >
> > This is a modified version of the same patch.  The new beta
> > (last week) has even more subdirectories so the
> > directory Makefile problem is even worse.  I have not
> > built as much on the beta as with 5.1 but thought I
> > would make this available regardless.
> This is very nice. I wish days had 36 hours to
> play around with this for while.

It compiles cleanly.  I did a loopback network configuration
to make everything happy (and target independent) so the
tests would link.

I think that now if someone just tried to run the ACE tests,
that would move things along.  

TAO built but there is no point in trying it until we pass
the ACE tests.

> For C++ people that want to build their applications
> on top of a wonderful framework, ACE is one of the
> best ones that I ever seen. ACE has nothing to do
> with CORBA. It is a multi-platform framwork for
> threads/semaphores/sockets/timers, and a zillion
> design patterns implemented in a nice OO way.

There are a few free things built on top of ACE.
TAO is one, JAWS (adaptive web server) is another.
> TAO is one of the best designed CORBA ORBs.

I have been reading the paper on its pluggage protocols.
That part looks real nice.  They are working on the size
> Joel,
> I presume you build them as separated libraries,
> so people that want use ACE only, would be able
> to do so.

I built it exactly as it is delivered with minimal
RTEMS changes to the Makefiles.  Basically we
use a special RTEMS Makefile to ask the name of
the C and C++ compilers along with arguments. 
This makes the RTEMS configurery in ACE 
BSP independent.  This does not appear to
be the case for other embedded RTOS ports.
look at "ace/*psos*" and "include/makeinclude/*psos*"
for an example.  The *vxw* files are not as
numerous but have CPU dependent conditional in them.

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