RIP daemon porting problem

Michael A.Sladkov michael at
Thu May 3 14:22:52 UTC 2001


I am trying to port "routeD" daemon from FreeBSD to RTEMS.

Code in FreeBSD:

        static char *sysctl_buf;
        size_t needed;
        int mib[6];
        mib[0] = CTL_NET;
        mib[1] = PF_ROUTE;
        mib[2] = 0;
        mib[3] = AF_INET;
        mib[4] = NET_RT_IFLIST;
        mib[5] = 0;

        sysctl(mib, 6, sysctl_buf,&needed, 0, 0);

        I have a question. What are in sysctl_buf after sysctl call?
        How does analogous code in RTEMS look ?

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