more network problems.

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Fri May 18 01:05:19 UTC 2001


I'm reposting this in case it got missed among all the
other "Re: network build"s.

"Can't get ep flags: No such device or address"

is the error I'm left with. I have tracked it back in
the os and not found anything. I don't begin to have
enough knowledge of RTEMS to know why this is
happening. I'm confused as to why a netdemo-4.5.0
package would not run straight out of the box as is.
I'm relying on the demo to educate me on how to write

Any help the community can provide would be greatly

Robert Wasierski

--- rwas rwas <mc68332 at> wrote:
> Thanks to all that responded.
> I kinda figured out most of this today.
> rather helpful.
> All the prior errors are gone. I am now left with
> another new error:
> "Can't get ep flags: No such device or address"
> I get good messages (I guess) on the card init
> (3c509).
> It finds the card and and comes up with happy stuff
> like the io number and such.
> I made sure the name was "ep0". I tried "ep1" too.
> BTW, I am using rtems-4.5.0. I attempted to build
> the
> latest snapshot. It gave me a bunch of directory
> type
> errors. My assumption was that I should'nt trust a
> snapshot as much as the last major release.
> I did'nt check the 3c509 driver for the missing
> parameter. I don't get any build errors on it.
> Another problem I have is that the pc386 code
> does'nt
> switch to serial as it's console when the vga card
> and
> keyboard are removed.
> As it is, I have to hand-copy the messages because
> there's no way to paste the error messages.
> --- "D. Peter Siddons" <siddons at> wrote:
> > Hi again Robert,
> >    I forgot to include the stuff about file
> > descriptors. You need
> > to change (in netdemo/init.c or whatever test
> you're
> > building)
> > more. THe default
> > (in c/src/exec/sapi/include/confdefs.h) is way too
> > small to be useful.
> > Pete.
> Robert Wasierski
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