CIN and COUT in C++ (and other objects)

Benshoof, William {AVL~Roswell} WILLIAM.BENSHOOF at ROCHE.COM
Wed May 23 21:04:55 UTC 2001


I am using a Motorola 68332 and RTEMS 4.5.0 successfully with C.  Expanding
to C++ has turned up problems linking when objects (like CIN and COUT) are
included.  Using G++ when linking solves the problem with linking, but it
generates code that will not run.

Has anyone developed some experience with cross-compiling CPU32-type code
for C++ objects who can share some insight?  

I note that the RTEMS standard cdtests have CIN and COUT in a #ifdef that
makes that code suspect.  I also have reviewed the mail archive, and note
that CC=g++ in bsp.cfg, LINK_LIBS += -lstdc++ in the project makefile, and
-lstdc++ in bsp.cfg are suggested.  However, they don't generate code that
will run for me.

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