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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu May 24 18:55:20 UTC 2001

John Bebbington wrote:
> Hello RTEMS Users,
> Just trying to get the stack checker working on a MC68360 and I get an
> "Internal_error_Occurred" when roughly the first task switch occurs in the
> system after power-on.
> I have defined the STACK_CHECKER_ON so the confdefs.h see it okay.

confdefs.h takes care of everything.  There is an initial set of
user extensions and this puts stack checker in that set.  It is 
included in this set so it can run before any task is created.
> My question is about the varios "#if 0" sections within the file
> /c/src/libmisc/stackchk/check.c in the function void
> Stack_check_Initialize( void).
> Should I enable these code sections by removing the #if 0 ?
> It seems that the call to the Stack_check_Initialize() is not direct in the
> bspstart.c (except for ppc and eth com) so the call occurs at the start of
> every task.

And those BSPs do not need to be doing that.  

> In general I am a bit confused as to how the Stack_check_Initialize() is
> called and at what stage in the power-on. Any help would be useful and
> gratefully received.
> regards
> John Bebbington

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