how to tailor the RTEMS application?

red-eye at red-eye at
Thu May 24 15:02:07 UTC 2001

i am using ERC32CCS,i compiler the "hello-world" sample
the exe file without debug information was 115k bytes
it is too big ,how can i make it more small?
has the config using confdefs.h in the "hello-world" already tailor the RTOS to the smallest?
 *  Simple test program -- simplified version of sample test hello.

#define TEST_INIT

#include <bsp.h>

#include <stdio.h>

rtems_task Init(
  rtems_task_argument ignored
  printf( "\n\n*** HELLO WORLD TEST ***\n" );
  printf( "Hello World\n" );
  printf( "*** END OF HELLO WORLD TEST ***\n" );
  exit( 0 );

/* configuration information */




#include <confdefs.h>

/* end of file */

is the confdefs.h the only way to tailor RTEMS?
                                                   thaks alot


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