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> Hello,
> I'm new to the RTEMS world.
> I've taken a look in the bsp for the pc386 and don't
> see anything covering the parallel port.
> Has anyone here had any experience with using the
> parallel port with rtems?
> I'm also curious if rtems will be moving towards
> dynamically loadable tasks and a user interface
> similar to VxWorks.
I'm working around the multiuser shell environment.

The system on VxWorks isn't known by me.
If you can explain me the environment perhaps I can work in this line.

I'm preparing a rudimentary telnetd support with tcp/ip in order
to provide remote shell console access but with independent session for
every sesion opened.

The commands that you can execute in this shell are extensible.

With only a


will be necesary to run the new commands.

And the header for the new 'main_cmd_proc' is the standard main_proc in
every 'C' program

	int main_cmd_proc(int argc,char * argv[]);

You can run the 'C' programs but with a little restrictions.

A call of


starts the telnetd daemon and
the remote console will be ready to control the BSP.

Of course you can start a shell in every ttydriver that you need.
Serial, VGA console, etc...
Only a termios drivers is necesary.

See you the last snapshot (20010424)in c/src/libmisc/shell repository for
the shell for ttydriver.

Questions, Sugg?

Please don't hesitate to ask me.

home:correo at fernando-ruiz.com
work:fernando.ruiz at ctv.es

> Thanks.
> Robert W.
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